Sunday, March 3, 2013

Signature Scent: DKNY Pure Verbena

I don’t consider myself an expert in perfumes. To be honest, they are expensive and I only have a few which I have carefully selected. I get a lot of mini perfume samples (I hate getting perfume samples because I am picky about my scents) and that’s how I came across this scent. Normally I’ll spray the sample once, smell it that day, and never think about it again. However when I got the DKNY Pure Verbena scent sample and sprayed it, I immediately connected with it and loved it. In the event that it might have been a fluke, I continued my day and smelled random wonderful whiffs of it as I moved about during my day. Each time I smelled it, my mood instantly brightened. That’s when i knew I needed to have the full size (1.7oz, $65).

As far as scents generally go, I usually like clean or musky/seductive scents. This fragrance falls in the first category. The notes include: verbena, honeysuckle, peony, jasmine petals, white amber, sea moss and vetiver. On initial spray I can definitely smell the verbena and jasmine, and with prolonged wear I can usually smell the white amber and honeysuckle. I typically spray twice on my neck/behind the ears and once on my wrist and rub my two hands together. The perfume lasts about 6 or 7 hours. It is the perfect clean and bright smell, not overwhelming and perfect for everyday. I can never get tired of this scent!

The bottle is simple, and DKNY says the shape was inspired by a water drop. One thing I really like is that the bottle and cap are 100% recyclable and the box is compostable. Little touches like that show how much thought was gone into developing the product, and I really appreciate that. I love supporting environmentally conscious and free trade products.

For purse carry, I decant this into an atomizer which is very straightforward since the aluminum cap pops off easily to reveal the spray tube.

If you love smelling fresh and bright, I highly recommend you give this scent a spritz at a department store or Sephora!

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