Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Glambot Review: Selling Experience

So I’ve seen a lot of reviews on people purchasing from Glambot, but hadn’t heard too much on experiences with selling one’s used makeup to them. Since I couldn’t find any reviews, I decided on a whim to just give them a shot and try it out.

So, just some details to begin with. Glambot has a specific list of brands for which they accept new/used items from ( and these are basically all non-drugstore brands. In order to sell them your own makeup, you have to request a shipping label ( which they will send you via email. Basically, on your end it costs nothing to ship your makeup to them, as they will foot the bill once they receive your package.

You can sell items that are used as long as they aren’t mascara/lip gloss or makeup items that they cannot sanitize. Powder products are all fine, it’s mostly the lip/eye products you’ll have to make sure are new.There’s some specific instruction on how to package your products, but basically bubble wrap carefully and pad your box. Once you’ve picked out and packaged the products you want to sell, you can estimate how much you think you can earn from Glambot using their earnings table (

After that you ship your box and…you wait. For reference I live in the Bay Area and Glambot’s office is in San Francisco. It took them about two weeks to get back to me with an offer, and by that time I had started to wonder if my package had gotten lost. They did mention they had been swarmed with several sellers at the time, so my guess is it would probably take a little less time if you were to go ahead and sell now. I boxed up between 10-25 name brand/luxury brand items and received approximately $400 for my items. I chose to get cash via Paypal, but if you opt for Glambucks you actually get about 1.5 times the amount and you have to use them to purchase items on the website. There is also a third option of half cash and half Glambucks. In my offer, Glambot had indicated that one of the shadows I had sent had been smashed on arrival and even included a picture of the product so that I could see visual evidence. I really liked this touch and appreciate the extra time taken out to do that.

Once I emailed back accepting my offer, I received a Paypal transfer within half an hour. Overall the whole process went really smoothly, minus the somewhat long wait time, and I would definitely sell to them again!

On a side note, they have an affiliates program that anyone can join and you get 10% of any referrals that lead to purchases on the site. I’ve included my personal link below but don’t feel obligated to use it if you don’t want to :) 

Affiliate Link

Also, Glambot has no idea that I’m doing this review or that I even blog about beauty products. So as always, this is my honest opinion of the process.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Long time no post. So I figured I’d post some fall inspired makeup looks. If you’re interested in product lists, click here to read after the jump!