Sunday, January 26, 2014

De-Cluttering 2014

Recently I was watching PinkSoFoxy's videos on Youtube and she has a MASSIVE makeup collection which she has been slowly downsizing and donating products she hasn't actually been using. I felt pretty inspired by her video and decided to take a look through my eyeshadows and lip products (the two products I tend to hoard) to see if I needed to just toss anything, or if I could donate it to a friend who would love it. After a quick 20 minutes, I came up with a pile of eyeshadow, lipstick and lipgloss.

Here's what I'm giving away and why:
  • ULTA Singles (3): Perfectly pigmented and nice but I just NEVER use them.
  • Stila Kitten mini: I already have a full size which I love, and received this as part of a kit.
  • Starlooks Conquest: Dark navy blue, I really don't need a single in this color as I already have some in palettes that I use more frequently.
  • Wet n Wild I'm Getting Sunburned: The only trio of the ones I own which never gets any love, even though the colors are super pigmented and pretty.
  • Sleek The Original palette: I originally purchased this for the olive green on the right hand bottom corner, but I just never reach for this palette.

Onto the lipstick:
  • Loreal Le Laque in I Laque You a Lot: This is an orange red, and just doesn't suit me.
  • Milani Flamingo Pose: This color again, just doesn't suit me.
  • Revlon Fuchsia: I have MAC Girl About Town which is the same exact color.
  • Neutrogena Berry Bright: LOVE the formula, but the color doesn't work for me.
  • Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy: Picked this up and then realized when I got home it was the exact same as MAC Rebel.

And lastly, the lipgloss (yikes):
  • Lorac Christian: Just doesn't suit me and is better for a lighter complexion. Really nice formula though, and I got it as part of a kit.
  • Julep Camellia: Got this for free with some nail polish, but baby pinks don't work for me.
  • Cargo Route 66: Pretty pinky red that I just rarely ever reach for.
  • NARS Place Vendome: The applicator is tiny and out of lazyness I don't use it.
  • Mally Starburst: Got this as part of a kit which included Mally products I really wanted to try for cheap. I knew already when I got the kit that I wouldn't be keeping this color.
  • Loreal Shine Stain in Coral Tattoo: Ugh it's too sticky for me, but these seem to be massively popular so I will give it to a friend to try out.
  • Benefit Sugarbomb: Sample size I got for free, and I already have another one.
  • Bella Il Fiore in Marie Antoinette: Beautiful color and texture, but I already have a lot of peachy glosses.
  • Lancome Juicy Tube in Raspberry Ice: For some weird reason, I'm actually allergic to all juicy tubes. They are lovely glosses which are really popular so I'm sure it will find a good home with a friend.
  • Chanel Controversy: What an apt name. I feel horribly guilty that I never use this expensive product, but I've just realized that I like wearing matte vampy lips rather than glossy.
Phew, that's all for right now. I'm using this as a sign to make sure I don't purchase colors I already own, and I'll be on a temporary no buy for a few months so that I can just shop my own collection and enjoy what I have!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: Tarte be MATTEnificent palette

I think if you read my blog, you knew this was coming. I have an unhealthy obsession with matte eyeshadows, so when I saw that Tarte was going to be releasing an all matte eyeshadow and blush palette I knew I had to have it! Because, I only have 5 other matte

I love how the packaging has a geode print on it!

Keeping in the theme of rosy neutrals, which appears to be the trend for this upcoming Spring, Tarte has included a line up of 6 eyeshadows, 2 eye liner shadows and a blush. The special claims come from the colored clay aspect. Tarte has both a rose clay and vanilla clay incorporated in these shadows, which is supposed to give them the ability to soothe the eye area and control oil. To be honest, I'm not sure if it does this or not because I always use a primer underneath my shadows anyways. The palette retails for $36 (though I got mine for 20% off with an ULTA coupon) and contains a 3/4 size Amazonian Clay Blush and 0.6864 oz of eyeshadow. The palette also houses a large mirror and a dual ended brush, which is a flat shader on one end and a precise blender on the other.

The thing that sets the Tarte matte shadows apart from others, is how ridiculously smooth they feel. They aren't creamy, but they are unbelievably smooth to the touch and blend out like a dream. For my skin tone, I feel like I have to layer on the bush a little bit, but the effect is still very nice. I think this is the perfect all in one palette for a working woman because the texture and colors make it ideal for the workplace. Overall, I am super pleased with this purchase and highly recommend checking it out!

Simple EOTD: I used Sand Out from the Crowd as my browbone highlight, Peach for the Stars in my crease, Rose to the Occasion all over the lid, Pink Outside the Box on my inner corner, and a mix of View from the Taupe and Two Plums Up for my outer corner/lower lash line. I used Dream in Chocolate to do a soft winged eyeliner to complete the look. PS: Please excuse the eyebrows, I am in between threading sessions.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review: Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream

I've had this in my collection for a while, but the reason I hadn't reviewed it as of yet was because this is one of the most unique lip products I own and it's taken me months to really figure out if I like it or not.

I purchased my cashmere lip cream in the color Bordeaux from Sephora (0.26 oz, $28) and it is housed in a traditional lip gloss packaging.

The formula of the cashmere lip cream is a cream to powder (matte finish). First off, that's weird for the lips; for cheek products sure, but powder on the lips? The formula glides on smoothly and is extremely light. Although it's name suggests its a cream, on the lips it feels even lighter than your typical creamy lipstick. The applicator is a flat paddle doe foot, which is probably the best way to apply because with the bolder colors you need that precise edge to perfect your lip shape. Alternatively you could always pair the product with a lip pencil in a corresponding color. Although the formula is very smooth, it doesn't feel particularly hydrating, most likely because of that powder finish, but I don't find that it is drying on the lips either. Bite boasts that the lip creams contain 4 times the normal pigment, and I would agree. What you see in the bottle is exactly what will come out on your lips.

In terms of delivering pigment and longevity, this product is definitely a win. But, every time I wear this that powder finish feels so strange on my lips! Overall it's a good product and I just need to get used to the feeling of it because its true to color and has a great lightweight formula. Have you guys tried these? How do you feel about the powder finish texture?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Drugstore Makeup 2014: Eyes!

The drugstore is chock full of brand new items, which is super exciting! I find it easy to get a bit bored with the drugstore every now and then, so the beginning of the year is one of my favorite times to check out all of the new or reformulated products that all the drugstore brands bring out. In particular with regards to the eye products, I was drawn to the Wet n Wild, Maybelline and Loreal releases.

I guess we'll start off with my favorite finds, which come from Wet n Wild. This is probably my go-to brand for pigmented eyeshadows at the drugstore and for 2014 there are a number of new 5 pan eyeshadow palettes and single shadows that have been launched and will be part of the permanent line. I picked up one of the 5 pan palettes, and 2 of the single eyeshadows whose colors have been in the line but I think the formula has been reformulated (they were part of the "new" display). The two single shadows I picked up were in Brule and Nutty and o.m.g. the texture on these is incredibly buttery. The pigmentation is ridiculous and I've particularly fallen in love with Nutty which is a beautiful shimmery taupe-y brown. These retail for 99 cents, but I was able to pick them up for 69 cents a piece on sale.


 The camera doesn't even do Nutty justice, it is so beautiful in person.

I also grabbed the new 5 pan neutral palette called "The Naked Truth". I don't think the pigmentation and texture are quite as impressive as the singles, but they still pack a good punch and the configuration of finishes and colors is really lovely for everyday. These retail for $3.59 but there was an instant $1 off coupon on the palette so I got it for $2.59!


The definer and base color are matte, the browbone and eyelid are satin/shimmer and the crease color is a shimmer with gold flecks.

Alongside the new Wet n Wild products, I was able to locate a giant display with Maybelline products. A number of the single shadows and quads, which tout a reformulated more pigmented formula caught my eye. Keeping with the theme, I picked up a lot of neutral every day wear colors.

For the singles, Maybelline had 3 shadows that were in the taupe family, and I picked up the two that were a bit darker.



I don't actually have any experience with Maybelline singles, but I think they are reasonably pigmented and smooth. They are also very easy to build up and I can definitely see myself using Tastefully Taupe for a one eyeshadow casual look. These retail for $4.59 at my local CVS and they have a deal going where you get $5 for every $15 you spend.

The Maybelline quads however, I was really impressed with! There's a mixture of textures and the color combinations are well thought out. I think they are more pigmented than the singles. I've already worn these a few days in a row and I highly recommend checking them out. The quads retail for $8.59 at my local CVS.




I am really loving the Stylish Smokes quad and have no idea why it never caught my eye before. I think when I had previously tried the eyeshadow formula from Maybelline I wasn't impressed so I never thought to take a look at the color combinations.

Lastly, I noticed a new eyeliner display from Loreal. The eyeliner that caught my eye is the Silkissime liner in "Highlighter" which retails for $10.49. It's a lovely rose gold liner that is creamy and soft, perfect for brightening both the inner rim of the eye as well as the inner corner. I have a feeling that this is probably very similar to the rose gold liner that the Em Cosmetics line carries since Loreal is the parent brand. Not sure on the wear time and performance, but the color appears to be identical. 

That's all I've picked up for now for new eye products, but I'll be uploading another post soon with some lip products and face products that also caught my attention :)