Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Drugstore Makeup 2014: Eyes!

The drugstore is chock full of brand new items, which is super exciting! I find it easy to get a bit bored with the drugstore every now and then, so the beginning of the year is one of my favorite times to check out all of the new or reformulated products that all the drugstore brands bring out. In particular with regards to the eye products, I was drawn to the Wet n Wild, Maybelline and Loreal releases.

I guess we'll start off with my favorite finds, which come from Wet n Wild. This is probably my go-to brand for pigmented eyeshadows at the drugstore and for 2014 there are a number of new 5 pan eyeshadow palettes and single shadows that have been launched and will be part of the permanent line. I picked up one of the 5 pan palettes, and 2 of the single eyeshadows whose colors have been in the line but I think the formula has been reformulated (they were part of the "new" display). The two single shadows I picked up were in Brule and Nutty and o.m.g. the texture on these is incredibly buttery. The pigmentation is ridiculous and I've particularly fallen in love with Nutty which is a beautiful shimmery taupe-y brown. These retail for 99 cents, but I was able to pick them up for 69 cents a piece on sale.


 The camera doesn't even do Nutty justice, it is so beautiful in person.

I also grabbed the new 5 pan neutral palette called "The Naked Truth". I don't think the pigmentation and texture are quite as impressive as the singles, but they still pack a good punch and the configuration of finishes and colors is really lovely for everyday. These retail for $3.59 but there was an instant $1 off coupon on the palette so I got it for $2.59!


The definer and base color are matte, the browbone and eyelid are satin/shimmer and the crease color is a shimmer with gold flecks.

Alongside the new Wet n Wild products, I was able to locate a giant display with Maybelline products. A number of the single shadows and quads, which tout a reformulated more pigmented formula caught my eye. Keeping with the theme, I picked up a lot of neutral every day wear colors.

For the singles, Maybelline had 3 shadows that were in the taupe family, and I picked up the two that were a bit darker.



I don't actually have any experience with Maybelline singles, but I think they are reasonably pigmented and smooth. They are also very easy to build up and I can definitely see myself using Tastefully Taupe for a one eyeshadow casual look. These retail for $4.59 at my local CVS and they have a deal going where you get $5 for every $15 you spend.

The Maybelline quads however, I was really impressed with! There's a mixture of textures and the color combinations are well thought out. I think they are more pigmented than the singles. I've already worn these a few days in a row and I highly recommend checking them out. The quads retail for $8.59 at my local CVS.




I am really loving the Stylish Smokes quad and have no idea why it never caught my eye before. I think when I had previously tried the eyeshadow formula from Maybelline I wasn't impressed so I never thought to take a look at the color combinations.

Lastly, I noticed a new eyeliner display from Loreal. The eyeliner that caught my eye is the Silkissime liner in "Highlighter" which retails for $10.49. It's a lovely rose gold liner that is creamy and soft, perfect for brightening both the inner rim of the eye as well as the inner corner. I have a feeling that this is probably very similar to the rose gold liner that the Em Cosmetics line carries since Loreal is the parent brand. Not sure on the wear time and performance, but the color appears to be identical. 

That's all I've picked up for now for new eye products, but I'll be uploading another post soon with some lip products and face products that also caught my attention :)

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