Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wantable Box: November 2013

I cancelled my Birchbox subscription quite a while ago because I just wasn't getting the kinds of samples which justified the price tag. After canceling I did quite a lot of searching on the internet for other subscription boxes (Glossybox, BeautyArmy, etc) and ended up settling on a Wantable box. I have to say I was a little bit hesitant because of the hefty $36 price tag which could easily equate to a splurge item at Sephora or several items at the drugstore. However, this is my second month of getting the box and I am REALLY pleased with the items I've been getting, so I thought I would share what came in my box and how the process works.

The best thing about the Wantable makeup box is that you can specify what you like and dislike in your profile. If you list something as dislike, you will never receive that kind of product in your box and this is the BEST feature about the whole service. On top of that, there are details in every category (ex: blush) which ask you your finish and color preferences as well. You can also skip any month at any time, which is a good feature as well.

My customized quiz on Wantable (I don't actually dislike nail polish or mascara, I just have plenty so I don't want to receive them through the subscription box)
The eyeshadow quiz, with a ridiculous number of options you can specify
On top of that, you basically always get about 4-5 full sized items and the occasional sample sized item thrown in. 4-5 full size products means you are paying  between 7 and 9 dollars per item if you average it out, which is just like shopping at the drugstore. However, I haven't received any drugstore items in my boxes, and in fact more often than not the items are mid-high end products which make the value of the box quite a bit more than the $36 you pay for it.

So, this month I got the following products:
1. Face Stockholm Contouring Kit: 28g, $32
2. Bella Il Fiore Shine On Lip Gloss in Marie Antoinette: 15ml, $11
3. Starlooks Single Eyeshadow in Conquest: unsure of size but bigger than a MAC shadow, $12
4. Girlactik Beauty Cream Blush in Coral: 2.5g, $18
5. Skiin Instant Skiin Tightener and Line Filler Sample: 3ml, $8 (full size is 15ml for $40)

That brings the value of my box to a grand total of $81. I don't know about you, but that seems pretty ridiculous and awesome to me! As for the products themselves, I've been wanting to try products from Skiin, Face Stockholm and Girlactik for quite a while now but always give up since I'm not sure what I should try first. I think it's great that I could have someone select products from those lines based on my preferences to give me my first taste. I've been playing around with all the products and couldn't be more pleased; I can see all 5 products being incorporated into my makeup routine and I actually think all the items in the box can be used together in one look.

Overall, I am really satisfied so far with this subscription so I think I will be going forward with it for at least a few months. I can't wait to find out what else I can discover through this!

Photos of Products and Swatches Below!

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