Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review: Julep Padma Nail Polish

Every now and then I will either intentionally or accidentally (by missing my skip window) order a Julep Maven monthly box. In September, I completely forgot to skip and received a box containing the colors Padma and Florence. I am pretty much completely obsessed with Florence, but Padma was more of a mixed bag.

Padma is an extremely deep plum color. On first glance I would say it's a cream polish but there's definitely some shimmer in it, it's just very difficult to pick up on (I took a picture with flash which captures the hint of shimmer). As you'll see from the pictures, the polish is basically almost black. I'm not a black nail polish kind of girl, and this is the darkest polish I own so I'm still getting used to this color on my nails.

The formula is extremely thick. When I went through and did my first coat the color was completely opaque but I felt I had to be extra careful with my strokes due to the consistency of the polish. It was almost like trying to apply a thin layer of honey to my nails. The first coat still lets a good portion of the purple shine through, but as you'll see in the pictures the second coat brings you right to that inky blackness.

Honestly, I was really surprised by the thickness of this polish. I have a fair number of Julep products and none of them have been quite like this so I'm not sure what to think. If you're a fan of dark colors and don't mind being careful during application then you would probably enjoy this, but otherwise I'd say skip it and try your luck elsewhere. I imagine there are probably similar colors out there with a thinner formula.

Photos of Products and Swatches Below

Photo with Flash, light captures the shimmer

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