Monday, November 18, 2013

A little something different

I normally post reviews and other such things, but I figured today I'd post something a little bit different. Every now and then I am lucky enough to find friends (and friends of friends) willing to let me experiment on their beautiful faces. I know, I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by lovely naturally beautiful women on a day to day basis, and I thought I would share their beauty with all of you :) Enjoy!

Kaye was awesome enough to let me play with her face just a mere hour before we were headed out to a mutual friend's birthday party. Not only was she a lovely canvas, she also turned out to be a great model in front of the camera!

I won't include a list of products here (unless I get requests for some) mostly because I have them written down somewhere not in close proximity. Anyways, if its requested, I will be happy to provide the products I used on her.

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