Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Perfect Pink: Too Faced Pink Chocolate

As a general rule, I have a hard time wearing lighter pinks. For some reason my skin tone really pulls the pink shades out of lip colors (I have a hard time wearing corals that don't have enough orange in them because the pink is the only thing that will show up). For this reason, my "pinks" tend to be things that are like Revlon Fuchsia or MAC Girl About Town. Unfortunately, those kind of pinks aren't exactly the everyday kind so when I saw the promotional pictures of Too Faced's spring collection, Pink Chocolate immediately caught my attention. I already own two other lipsticks from the La Creme line, and they are buttery soft, smooth and quite moisturizing with a light sheen. They last about 3 hours on my lips, and Pink Chocolate has the same consistent qualities. Not to mention they come in lovely luxe gold packaging.

In the bullet, Pink Chocolate looks like a dark browny-pink, which is probably what it will show up as on people who don't pull pinks as much as I do. I think the color on it's own is lovely, but on my lips it actually shows up a bit "pinker" which I think helps make it a true everyday pink. On lighter skin tones this would be a phenomenal fall color.

This is seriously one of my favorite lipstick formulas, and there's a wonderful selection of permanent shades. If you're interested in pinks/plums, the spring collection is definitely something worth checking out :)

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