Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brow Battle: Tarte versus Anastasia

Anastasia recently came out with a dipbrow pomade for filling in eyebrows. When I saw the concept and product, it reminded me a lot of Tarte's brow mousse which I already own and enjoy. So, I figured I'd give you a comparison of the two and what I think the pros and cons for each one are.

Tarte Amazonian Waterproof Brow Mousse is available in 3 shades and retails for $28. Each container houses 0.1oz of product. On initial inspection, this may seem like nothing. But, the product is extremely pigmented so you really only need a little every day. I'm not sure I agree that the texture is a mousse. To me, the texture seems like a slightly drier cream product, which I enjoy because it doesn't have too much slip to it which can be good for creating small brush like hairs. I use the color rich brown and find it to be a great match and all the colors in the range lean on the cool side. You can also use this to define the bottom or top of your brows, but I find that to be a little more difficult since it isn't quite as smooth and creamy like a liner or pencil might be. The formula sets and lasts all day long.

The Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade comes in 5 colors, though I believe three more will be released soon and retails for $18 for 0.14 oz. Cost wise and amount wise, this is a better deal than the Tarte. I had to do a bit of searching to find a good color match because a lot of the existing 5 shades lean really warm. I ended up going with Dark Brown, which is the cooler of the darker shades. This stuff is super smooth, creamy and very pigmented. Again, a little goes a long way. This is ideal for people who really want to define the bottom and top of their brow, since the slip in this product allows for a seamless line. It is extremely easy to go overboard with this product so I wouldn't recommend this for beginners. The formula sets and stays in place quite well, but I would recommend getting a very small brush if you are interested in creating hair like strokes. The creamy-ness tends to make the typical angle brush stroke a bit heavy.

Depending on your hair color and what your preference may be for your brows (filling in hair like strokes versus defining the top or bottom of your brows) one may be more suitable for you than the other. I am personally enjoying using both, and actually like using them together. The Anastasia for defining the base of my eyebrow, and the Tarte for creating extra "hairs". They do have different consistencies, so if one doesn't work for you the other may still be worth investigating.

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