Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Impressions: NP Set

So I decided that to start my blog back up I'd start a new series. As of late I've had the opportunity and inclination to venture out and try some brands which have been around but I have never explored. Hopefully this will be interesting and informative :) Anyways, let's get started!

NP Set
About the Brand: Created by makeup artist Napoleon Perdis and launched as a prestige makeup line at Target with slightly lower price points than the original Napoleon Perdis line that's available at retailers like ULTA.
Where to Buy It: Target
Why did I try the Brand: Honestly, the permanent lines at the drugstore can get a bit boring. I'd always hesitated when seeing NP Set because the prices are high at the drugstore and I didn't want to be disappointed by the quality. I also don't see items from the line mentioned as frequently in reviews. But, curiosity and boredom got the best of me so I went for it.
Price Point: Lower Mid-range (aka expensive at the drugstore but not quite Sephora/department store prices). Similar price points to Pixi, Sonia Kashuk and Boots.
Packaging: start with, all of the packaging is white. WHITE. Don't get me wrong, I love me some beautiful white furniture and clothing, but it's basically a complete disaster for makeup products (I'm looking at you Urban Decay setting spray). You're bound to get a thousand smudges all over it within the first few days of use. Being someone who loves keeping their makeup and packaging looking pristine, this is really problematic for me. Otherwise, it’s your general plastic packaging from the drugstore. One major plus point is that it seemed like very few of the items came with spaces for brushes or sponge tips. I don't mind using sponge tips now and then on the go, but inevitably they fall out of the package and that becomes wasted space.
First Purchase: Day to Night Palette, $24
Pros/Cons of First Purchase: Right off the bat, I love that it’s a large palette with many options. Also, who doesn't love the versatility of having one item to take you from day to night? Again, the packaging is a debbie downer. The eyeshadows and blushes swatch and apply well, but are definitely on the powdery side. Lasting ability without a primer isn't great, but I never put on makeup sans primer.
Unique Items/Qualities of the Brand: There are lots of palette options that aren't just quads or trios and limited to eyeshadows. The drugstore seems to be over-run by duos, trios and quads that are all for eyes. NP Set has a variety of palettes which include eyeshadows, blushes and lip products. There's also a large range of primers in the line, which is definitely unique for the drugstore.
Overall First Impression Grade: Gotta go with a solid B-. You can't beat the versatility at the price point and the products I tried did perform well. If you refuse to wear primers for eye and face makeup, you might have some issues. They definitely offer some options that you can't find in typical drugstore brands.

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